More Congratulations to Gilman Winners!

Once again, we’re offering our congratulations to Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship winners from SU Abroad – this time, these are Fall 2015 students. The total amount awarded to SU students was $46,000. And of the 31 applicants, 11 were accepted – a success rate of over 1 in 3! Congratulations go to our 11 winners and 3 alternates!

Rashell Lisowski, SU Istanbul: $4,000
Sandup Sherpa, SU Hong Kong: $5,000
Thalia Matos, SU Istanbul: $4,500
Tinischa Lahens, SU Beijing: $3,500
Saphyir Moody, SU Hong Kong: $3,500
Karen Castro, SU World Partner (Brazil): $4,000
Emily Dang, SU Hong Kong: $4,500
Victoria Kim, SU World Partner (Korea): $4,000
Ashley Narvaez, SU Hong Kong: $4,000
Alycia Maurer, SU Beijing: $5,000
Michael Dishy, SU Hong Kong: $4,000

Chaz Delgado, SU Madrid
Losa Meru, SU Madrid
Tatiana Aviles, SU World Partner (Brazil)

Congratulations, SU Abroad Gilman Winners!

Four SU Abroad summer students were awarded Benjamin A. Gilman Program scholarships for their summer 2015 programs, and two students were named alternates.

Congratulations go to:
Whitman Garcia (Strasbourg)
Drew McClaine (Florence)
Cierra Smith (South Africa)
Jason Zheng (Madrid)

Alternates were:
Giancarlos Merced (Shanghai)
Nadaizja Aiguier-Bolling (Paris)

Fall 2015 winners will be announced soon!

Student Spotlight: Zachary Kahn


As students are wrapping up their abroad semester they are rushing to drink in the last few  experiences they can before returning home. They are also starting to reflect on the experiences they have already had and writing their final posts in their online journals and blogs.

To reflect on his experience studying intercultural communication in London, Zachary Kahn has come up with 10 tips for studying abroad as a way to impart the knowledge and experience he has gained this semester to others still abroad or going abroad soon.

Excerpts from his tips, which he has posted on his blog via youtube videos are as follows:

1. Be Open-Minded

2. Try New Things

3. Download City Mapper and Foursquare Apps (for expert    exploring)

4. Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket (so it doesn’t get stolen)

5. Book Your Travel Plans and Accommodations in Advance

To see the rest of Zachary’s study abroad tips or to read his weekly blog posts from the past semester please visit his blog here.

SU Abroad Student Terry Jones Wins Prestigious Udall Scholarship

SU Abroad is proud to announce that World Partner student Terry Jones has been awarded the Udall Scholarship. Jones, who is currently studying abroad on SU Abroad’s World Partner program at FAMU (Prague), was one of 50 of a total of 464 applicants nationwide to be named a Udall Scholar. In addition, Jones previously studied film on an SU Abroad summer program in Bologna.

The Udall Scholarship is awarded to sophomore and junior students who demonstrate commitment to issues related to environmental studies or the American Indian Nations. A member of the Seneca Nation, Jones was chosen to win this coveted scholarship for his work in sharing his culture through film.

His films “Savage/Future,” “Gripped,” “Empire State,” and “Ancient Knowledge to the Future” are part of his ongoing work to expose and create conversation nationwide about critical issues that affect the American Indian nations. His study at FAMU in Prague and previous study of film in Bologna are helping Jones to pursue more work in this subject area.

The Udall Scholarship will now be a part of Jones’ many accolades including his membership to the Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Delta honor societies, the Gilman Scholarship he won in 2014 to study in Bologna, and his many projects which tackle the issues of the American Indian nations.

Jones plans to pursue his M.F.A. and continue working to create an open dialogue about issues affecting the Native American population.