SU Strasbourg to Introduce New Social Work Program

Strasbourg3Beginning in Spring 2016, the Syracuse University Strasbourg Center will offer a new course cluster with a focus on social work and human services in the region. This new program will cater to SU and visiting students majoring in social work, child and family studies, or other human services programs.

Located in the heart of Europe in close proximity to the Council of Europe, European Parliament, and the European Court of Human Rights, SU Strasbourg is uniquely capable of delivering a meaningful program in social work. Students will benefit from collaboration between SU Strasbourg and French, German, and Swiss higher learning institutions of social work and social pedagogy as well as the School of Social Work.

Highlights of the course include a 3-credit traveling Signature Seminar and an optional one-credit internship. During the Signature Seminar, students will visit major cities to meet with local government leaders, educators, and activists to deepen their understanding of multilayered European identities. The internship program allows for students to intern at institutions such as the Council of Europe, government agencies, or agencies that work with immigrants or refugees.

Social work and human services students will enroll in five courses. The courses are as follows:

  • SWK 328 Human Diversity in Social Context (3 credits)
  • SWK 470/CFS 470 Experience Credit; conducted as a collaborative course with regional students/programs (3 credits)
  • French language (required) (4 credits)
  • Elective or course to satisfy other requirements (3 credits)
  • PSC 400 European Identity Signature Seminar (3 credits)

Each course within the program is designed to bring students a well-rounded and first-hand view of social work as it is delivered in other nations.

For more information on this program please contact: Gael Noyes at or (315) 443-0252

Sustainability Studies in Florence

Ortolani3Syracuse University Abroad’s Florence Center now offers a cluster of courses in sustainability studies.

Students studying at SU Florence will have the opportunity to learn about the challenges of sustainability through a European perspective. Courses highlight ecological thought, historical and current understanding around the world about sustainability in the global business context, and the study of environmental issues.

For the first time in Spring 2016, SU Florence will also offer a sustainability-focused Signature Seminar. Eco-City Europe: New Lifestyles for Old Cities visits several European cities where the changing transportation, food supply, waste cycle, and energy balance demonstrates an alternative urbanism.

Courses offered in the sustainability cluster include:

  • ARC 500.2/GEO 400.2 Sustainable Urbanism in Europe (3 credits)
  • ARC 500.3/GEO 300.3 Eco-City Europe: New Lifestyles for Old Cities (3 credits; Signature Seminar, spring only)
  • EAR 100 Introduction to Geology (3 credits, fall only)
  • EEE 450 Sustainable Enterprise (3 credits, fall only)
  • GEO 380 Environment and Development (3 credits, spring only)
  • IPA 470 Experience Credits: Community Internships (1-3 credits)
  • NSD 452 Mediterranean Food and Culture: A Florence Experience (3 credits)

Students will also have the opportunity to work alongside local students and community members in SU Florence’s Edible Garden project. The garden has been a great success at the center since its inception, used to grow herbs and leaf vegetables and for teaching organic gardening and composting.

For questions regarding the program, contact SU Florence admissions counselor Gael Noyes at or (315) 443- 0252.

Student Spotlight: Liesel Rickert

img_6616 img_6799 img_6877img_6141

SU World Partner Liesel Rickert is enjoying her adventures Down Under as she studies at the University of Queensland. From learning local customs and lingo, to interacting with Australia’s iconic wildlife, scaling mountains, and lounging on the beach; Liesel is experiencing so much of what her host country has to offer.

In a particularly fascinating experience, Liesel writes in her blog about how she was able to attend a presentation by an Aboriginal chef who shared the traditions and the food of the Aboriginal people. Among her favorites was, “a dip made from [the chef’s] Bush Tomato & Chilli sauce mixed with cream cheese.”

To learn more about this experience and others that Liesel is enjoying in her time abroad follow her blog here.