The Little Nothings that Make Up Everyday Life

From SU Strasbourg student Katie’s blog.

Yeah, we’re in the home stretch. One month. It may sound weird, but I’ve bee looking forward to April. Not because I want to go home, but because I love the sprint at the end of a race. I know this month is going to be stressful, exhausting and emotional. But I’m ready for it.

For so long, April has seemed like it was so long away, like it would never come. But today, it’s real. I’m going to be writing 1.4.10 on all of my notes and papers. NO, not January 4th…which coincidentally was the date that I left the U.S. for Paris. Weird.

I just finished writing a paper for French on “des petits riens qui font partie de la vie” or “the little nothings that make up everyday life” talking about my favorite aspects or experiences in Strasbourg. It perfectly described exactly how I was feeling.

Everything here this semester has been about the little things—drinking a coffee outside at Brant, walking along the river to class every morning, weekly Friday night dinners at Francesca’s, watching Nou Nou’s impressions of M. Bach and Prof. Marxer in the kitchen at breakfast, ridiculous SU dance parties at Salamandre or Seven, inside jokes with Kjelly in Policy, runs through Orangerie, grabbing a baguette and macaroons from Patrick’s and walking down the street like it’s no big deal.

I think with one month left, it’s inevitable that I get all sentimental and emotional. I think Rob Thomas sums it up best. Yes, Rob Thomas. If you didn’t already think I was enough of a mom, here’s more evidence.

Our lives are made
In these small hours
These little wonders,
These twists & turns of fate
Time falls away,
But these small hours,
These small hours still remain


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