Sous-chefs in training learn London cuisine

Jacob Elyachar is a junior from University of Colorado at Boulder majoring in journalism and minoring in history.  Follow him on Twitter and Word Press.

 Since I arrived in London, I had a hard time dealing with all different types of stresses including hunting for summer internships, balancing five classes and the course work that comes with it while trying to find time building bonds with fellow program participants and Faraday House staff members.   The Cookery Club is one of the best activities that Faraday House offers because it lets students to express their passion of food and meet fellow SU students and staff members that they would have not necessarily have met outside of Faraday.  

Each meal that the Cookery Club’s team of sous-chefs in training (SOCIT) prepared was a new idea on dishes that we either heard of or were familiar with. One of the goals that our fearless leaders Ian, Claire and Linda wanted to explore during our meetings was how to incorporate fresh ingredients into our line-up of dishes.  Our first dish was a delicious lentil vegetable soup filled with a variety of colourful vegetables and bits of British bacon:  a perfect example on how our team was going to work during the next few weeks.

As each week progressed, the Cookery Club continued to increase our cooking skills through new recipes that tested our culinary abilities including remaking one of my favourite comfort foods: Cranberry Meatballs while transforming it into a new healthier alternative: Veal Meatballs with a homemade tomato and pepper sauce and my favourite salad: Spring Salad-a combination of veggies, feta cheese crumbles and a homemade vinaigrette dressing.   While some claimed it was one of the best meals so far in Cookery Club, my fellow SOCITs were going to tackle our final challenge: three recipes that dealt with both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours including curry, coriander and other spices that seemed unfamiliar and exotic to some of the participants.

In order to make sure that all of our dishes were successful; the group quickly divided into three teams to tackle the complex recipes.  Our persistence and patience paid off as by a quarter of two, all of the SOCITs including our special guests: Meredith and SU Abroad Europe Director Dr. Peter Leutner feasted on a meal that spiced up our senses and brought a taste of the Mediterranean, Middle East and India to Faraday.  While I will be leaving Faraday in almost two weeks, I really hope that SU London continues to support this club and before I go, I want to say thanks to Claire, Linda, Ian and my fellow SOCITs for the incredible food and memories that we have made and shared.


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