First-Year London Professor Wins O’Leary Teaching Prize

First-year London Professor Jacqueline Springer recently won the Spring 2010 Michael O’Leary Teaching Prize, an award given to a faculty member nominated by SU London students. 

Springer joined the SUL faculty in January and teaches COM 346: Race, Gender and the Media. This is the first time a professor has won the award in their first semester teaching for SU London. In nomiating her some of her students said:

“I find myself reminded of her lectures on a daily basis whether I’m at a club dancing to music we’ve discussed in class or talking to a British friend, and I always get excited when I can actually contribute to a conversation because of what I’ve learned.”

“Jacqueline has been an amazing professor since day one…[She] challenges us each class. Although this will be one of the most difficult classes I have taken this semester, I truly believe that I will have learned the most from it.”

“Because she’s passionate about the subject matter she’s teaching, I’m positive she’s the type of teacher I will remember 20 years from now.”

Professors Wolfgang Deckers, Matthew Shlomowitz and Richard Tames also received nominations for the award.


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