Did you say ‘chocolate?’

Students at Christian

On September 19, Syracuse Strasbourg students headed over to Christian, the well-known pastry and chocolate shop located in the heart of the city, for a chocolate tasting. While they all anticipated that they would be trying some yummy treats, they had no idea it would be similar to the wine tasting trips they had taken earlier in the semester.

The session was led by the owner of the shop himself, right in the chef’s kitchen. He explained to us all the importance of allowing the chocolate to resonate with every taste bud to generate a unique sensation; much like one would do with a fine wine. He also discussed the origins of the cacao used to create each type of chocolate, ranging from Paris, France all the way to Vietnam!

As if the unique origins of the cacao weren’t impressive enough, the final tasting truly made the event. Upon tasting the last piece of chocolate, each of us was hit with a rush of fresh mint and lime … have you ever tasted such a combination in a chocolate bar? The true genius here was the discovery that this pair of flavors would bring the chocolate bar to life in a brand new way. This was stressed in our session – it’s important to find flavors that work together in such a way that it does not generate a piece of chocolate comparable to any other.

Before participating in the session, Christian was a place to find some truly delicious treats. Now, after learning about what it takes to create the famous chocolate itself, it has become evident that Christian is a place to find delicacies with a story, fabricated after careful research, a bit of chemistry knowledge…and not a whole lot of butter (Quelle surprise!).

To learn more about Christian, please visit: http://www.christian.fr/accueil.html.


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