Kevin Kern: Festival Day Two – The Thief of Bagdad


4,000-5,000 spectators eagerly await the start of the film festival screening, complete with live orchestra music. Photo by Kevin Kern.

Animation Guy Kevin Kern has been very busy. Over the past two days, he’s admired Byzantine mosaics, visited the home of Federico Fellini, hung out on the Adriatic shore, and considered various perspectives on how film restoration should be done.

Following a panel discussion on the topic, Kevin remarks, “Watching [Voyage dans la Lune] in the Piazza Maggiore with the Bologna symphony playing a classical score interpretation of Voyage was magical. Plain and simple. One can only hope the rest of the crowd found the work as beautiful as I. As a seminal piece of film history, we all were witnessing the rebirth of film in a way, at least in terms of how to take what has come before us and show that we care enough to keep it in our hearts and minds dully as a reminder and motivator to progress the art of film further.

Read Kevin’s complete post here.


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