Chelsea Orcutt in London: Living Like a Londoner

Stonehenge. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Orcutt

When she’s not busy with her full load of classes, Chelsea is getting out and becoming more familiar with London. Someone even asked her for directions recently — a sign that she’s becoming a local!

Her classes are helping her transition to life as a Londoner, too:

My classes are helping me to get further acclimated into the culture, as I’m learning about everything from British politics to media. My Race, Gender and the Media professor encourages us to read a British newspaper every day. Some of the most popular papers here are red tops (tabloids, like The Sun or The Mirror), and the absurdity of their headlines actually makes me laugh sometimes, as does the liberal use of the word “snogging.”

Check out Chelsea’s blog to read about Love London Weekend (including a West End production of Billy Elliot and a visit to Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal Football Club) and a weekend trip to Stonehenge and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.


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