The Terrible Towel Tours Europe…

…with help from Spring 2012 SU London student Dave Holcomb. A lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Dave, with help from his friend Ted Rysz (a photography student), traveled all over Europe and snapped pictures with the signature token of Steeler fandom. He later recounted his experience for Football Nation:

To me and many Steeler fans and to other fans around the United States, they are not just a football team, but represent a way of life, a hard-working, never-give-up, blue-collared way of life. And not only do they represent my city, and in this case, my country, they also represent my family. Three generations from my 92-year-old Grandma who has a soft spot for blonde quarterbacks (Bradshaw and Roethlisberger) to my Mom, Aunt and Uncle, and then to the rest of my immediate family (Dad and Sister).

Even though I don’t live in Pittsburgh anymore, I still live my life with that Pittsburgh mentality and of course, root for the Steelers. And the Terrible Towel I carried in my pocket was a symbol of what I carry in my heart. And I thought of all of those people I mentioned every time I reached down to my pants to make sure no one pick-pocketed my Terrible Towel.

More pictures of Dave, the Towel, and world-famous landmarks can be found here.


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