SU Florence Students Work With UNICEF

A group of SU Florence students, including Alex Doney, Alex Monika, Willow Connor, Jesse Ming, and Aileen Flores recently participated in an event sponosored by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Florence. The campaign, called Io Come Tu, is aimed at raising awareness in Italy regarding the status of children of non-Italian citizens. As the law stands in Italy now, a child born of two non-citizens in Italy is not granted Italian citizenship. They have to wait to apply for citizenship when they reach the age of 18.

As SU Florence student Alex Doney says, “This causes problems with school: trips, functions, sports. The child basically belongs nowhere, and UNICEF believes that this is a violation of the children’s rights.”

As for the face paint? “The basic idea behind painting our faces,” said Doney, “is to show that kids are all messy, sweet, innocent, and fun; so why should they have different rights from one another?”


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