Student Blog: London Pre-Departure Thoughts

londonsmallI have chosen to study abroad in London for several reasons. First, I love big cities because they present an opportunity for exposure to diverse people and experiences. Growing up near New York City, I have spent a lot of time there, learning about it inside and out. I would now like to familiarize myself with another major city—London. 

Studying abroad will enhance both my personal and also my academic horizons.  I am most interested in learning more about public relations in Europe and comparing it to communications in the United States. Furthermore, I am excited to learn more about Britain and how it functions with the European Union. As I launch my career, this knowledge will allow me to better grasp global relations.

The opportunity to study in London will allow for immersion in a new metropolis. It will afford me the opportunity to travel to other countries, which will also broaden my horizons. Upon returning from London, I expect to be a worldlier scholar and more cultured citizen. Studying abroad will open my eyes to another region of the world and allow me to better understand a different society and its operations. My ultimate goal is to see the world through a different lens and emerge as a more learned person.

Kathryn Banzer is an SU senior public relations major studying abroad in London this semester. She leaves next week for a pre-semester seminar in Ireland, and then will be on to London for the spring semester.


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