Bon Voyage, Spring 2013 Students!

italymapSlowly but surely, our Spring 2013 students are departing for their destinations abroad. You’ll be able to keep up with their adventures here on this blog, where we’ll be featuring one or two student blogs each post. You’ll be able to hear directly from our students as they adjust to their new homes, experience new cultures and report back.

First up are two Florence students, who just arrived in Italy this week. Flights into Florence were diverted, due to lots of fog, so both Allison and Corie had a slightly longer trip to Florence than they anticipated. Allison is a Boston College student – her blog is called Pasta-bilities. Corie is an SU student who blogs at Books & Bruschetta. She had some good things to say about her initial meal at the Villa Rosa in Florence:

We had a meat lasagna, green beans, and insalate with the freshest tomatoes I have ever eaten! There was crusty bread and smooth velvety cheese. Then there was the fruit… the best fruit I have ever eaten.

If all of this talk of pasta makes you eager for your own semester in Florence, send an email to to get some more info!


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