Studying Abroad in Jordan

Lara Sorokanich, a sophomore magazine journalism and Middle Eastern studies major, is an SU student studying abroad at Yarmouk University in Jordan this semester. She’ll be writing about her abroad experiences in the Daily Orange each week, but until she leaves next week for Irbid, JordanSAM_0639, she’s reflecting on her upcoming semester:

But beyond the statistics, Jordan is brought to life by its people and culture, which have been influenced by the Romans and Crusaders, Muslim armies and traveling Arab caravans over its centuries of development. There is so much more to Jordan, and all of the Middle East, than the conflict we’ve grown accustomed to associating with it.

I want to stroll through the markets and chat with locals. I want to float in the Dead Sea and let the salt dry on my skin. I want to ride a camel through the desert, and at night look up at the countless desert stars. And I will, I promise. You’ll hear all about it.

Check out the full article on the Daily Orange’s website, and follow Lara’s semester abroad through her columns.


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