Adjusting to new homes: first impressions from Spring ’13 students

italy2There are so many wonderful student bloggers abroad this semester. Hopefully we’ll be able to highlight them all throughout the semester, but here’s a sampling of a few students who have settled in to their new homes and beginning to find out what studying abroad is all about:

From Jessica, an SU student in Dublin, on adjusting to life in Ireland:

Such a beautiful country, even if I can only understand about one-fourth of what everyone Irish around me is saying.  So far, I’ve noticed a few cultural differences and there’s a couple of things I will need to get used to.

  1. Tiny showers. 
  2. Pulling doors open.
  3. Clicking, rather than switching, lights on and off.
  4. Heaters that aren’t meant to warm an entire room, just the square foot around them.

Check out the full list at her blog, An American in Ireland.

Corie, an SU student in Florence, is loving the food her host mother makes. She chronicles every delicious meal at Books and Bruschetta.

Ryan is studying in Strasbourg – he’s taking beautiful photos of the city and posting them at France Stoked. Lauren is also in Strasbourg, blogging and posting photos  at From Strasbourg, with Love. She wrote about the seminar’s stop in Cologne, Germany:

Still, I actually rather like getting a little bit lost in new cities, because it is a fabulous way to get to know the layout of the new place in which you find yourself. I also think that the language barrier contributed to our apparent confusion, as my brain is actually physically unable to process words that are twenty-something letters long. After all, “Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung” is the word for speed limit.

…and those are just a few insights into life abroad. As our students move through the semester, we’ll continue sharing their stories and thoughts!


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