Giving some love to our World Partner Programs

Morocco_BriRinaldoThis semester, we have 109 students at our world partner programs – students who are studying in Russia, Australia, India, and anywhere in between. Some students choose the programs because they’re a little more “off the beaten path,” some because SU doesn’t have a center in Ireland or Australia and they really want to experience that culture. Highlighted here are three students in world Pprtner programs – Justin, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Brenna, in Dublin, Ireland, and Briana, in Rabat, Morocco.

Justin just left for Tel Aviv, but he reflected o his goals for his upcoming trip on his blog, Tel Avivim. Along with “volunteer,” and “learn basic Hebrew,” he also wants to travel as much as he can:

“…during my two-week spring break I plan on traveling around Europe. I want to stop in London to visit my Syracuse friends, Paris to see my brother and Italy to see one of my dearest friends from high school. Spain and Germany are also on my list as I’ve never been to either…Greece is supposed to be gorgeous and have amazing food. And who doesn’t want to see the pyramids in Egypt?”

Briana is blogging about her semester in Rabat at Adventures of a Multicultural Mess. The picture above is from her Flickr stream – Hilton Park, where students go to run or have a serene moment to themselves.

One of our most popular world partner destinations is Ireland, and this semester is no exception. Brenna is blogging from Dublin at University College Dublin. (And has already sampled her first Guinness!)

Keep checking back throughout the semester, as Justin, Bri, and Brenna all adjust to their new surroundings and experience all that Israel, Morocco, and Ireland have to offer.


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