Top 5 Reasons to Study in China

Great WallAn SU Beijing student, Melissa Mangan from DePaul University, put together this list for us to share:

1.  China is fun!  Of course there are countless historic and cultural sites to visit, and plenty of interesting Chinese holidays to celebrate like “Dragon Boat Festival” and “Spring Festival,” but there’s more…the West’s influence on China has gotten the creative juices flowing over here. There is a fast-growing music scene offering jazz, punk rock, hip hop, funk, electronic, and indie bands almost any night of the week, and there is also a growing number of comedy clubs and literary festivals as well.

2.  China is the fastest-developing nation in modern times. To witness this development first-hand is to become a part of history, and no matter what your major or interest is, China will have something to offer you.

3.  The people you meet and the connections you make here are priceless. You will form tight bonds with new friends from all over the world, study among the smartest students and under the best professors that China has to offer, and create valuable contacts for whatever career you choose.

4.  You will have the opportunity to become an ambassador for your hometown, university, and country. The Chinese people appreciate your interest in their country and your decision to study here. They are eager to learn about American culture on a personal level from you while sharing their own experiences.

5.  It will become more your home than you ever imagined. The people, smells, tastes, sights, sounds, difficulties and culture will get into your skin in ways you never knew possible. In the early months, you may find it difficult to adjust, but you’ll overcome that and fall in love with the excitement and adventure of submerging yourself in another culture.

What do you think? Any other SU Beijing alums want to chime in? Anyone else who’s studied in China: what were your reasons to go?


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