Checking in with SU Abroad Students in Morocco & Turkey

While potential summer and fall 2013 students scramble to wrap up their applications (due March 18!), we’ll check in with a couple of students still having a great time abroad this spring:

moroccosmallBriana (who just won the 2013 photo contest!) is in Morocco with the AMIDEAST Morocco world partner program. Her photos of Morocco are incredible (for instance) and you can check them all out at her Flickr photostream. She’s also doing a great job at recapping all of the opportunities studying in Morocco brings – trips throughout Morocco and North Africa, new food, teaching English, her host family, etc. Check out her blog to get a feel for what life is like in Morocco.

David is in Turkey on the SU Istanbul center program. Like many of our students who go to Turkey, he loves the food and is awed by Istanbul. He’s chronicling his classes, city life, and his quest to find a good place to run on his blog. His photos are from the pre-semester Signature Seminar and an early trip to the Hagia Sophia – you can see them on Flickr.


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