Dispatches from Summer in South Africa

Students and faculty left for an SU Abroad summer program, Socioeconomic Enterprise in Post-Apartheid South Africa, on May 19th. Two weeks into their four-week program, it sounds like things are going very well! An update from Jason Torreano, the executive director of Inkululeko, a non-profit organization that serves students in Grahamstown, South Africa:

The first week was spent visiting different NGOs in Grahamstown, asking questions and debriefing with folks from non-profits. We also plugged the SU students into the Community Engagement office at Rhodes University so they worked in different capacities with Rhodes students. Every afternoon, the SU students go to Inkululeko to work with our learners, and in the evening, they work on their assignments, blogs, chat to Dr. Eatman and I about what they’ve learned that day —- and work to plan for the next day.

Yesterday, we had a lecture from a brilliant Rhodes lecturer named Dr. Carla Tsampiras on the history of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. She also touched on apartheid and took Q+A from students for about 1 1/2 hours.

Jason also has some photos up at Inkululeko’s Facebook page.


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