Flat Stanley Loves SU Abroad

flat_stanleyCalling all SU Abroad students! Here’s a blast from the past! Do you remember the book Flat Stanley? No? Flat Stanley is about a boy who was given a large bulletin board by his father to hang up pictures and postcards. One night, the bulletin board falls on Stanley, flattening him in his sleep! At first, Stanley is upset by this turn of events but he soon realizes that he can now visit his friends by being mailed in an envelope! For years, elementary school classrooms have been making Flat Stanleys to mail to friends and family around the world so that they can learn about new cultures! Now it’s your chance to help one of these classrooms.

SU Abroad alum and now-teacher Dwight Stevenson has reached out to SU Abroad, asking students to mail postcards from their travels to his classroom. Mr. Stevenson explained that many of his students have not had the opportunity to travel outside the country and that he wants to show them the world through postcards and stories from people abroad!

Sound like something you might be interested in? Send a school-appropriate postcard and a short story about the country, place, and your experience there to:

Mr. Stevenson’s World History Class
Heuvelton Central School
PO Box 375
87 Washington St.
Heuvelton, NY 13654
Mr. Stevenson and his class would greatly appreciate it! Have fun!



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