Who Carries Maps Anymore?

Our SU Abroad students are now starting to settle into their new homes and have been beginning to blog about their first experiences living in a new city! Living in a new city can be difficult to adjust to, especially when you are unfamiliar with the language! SU Abroad student, Spencer, writes about trying to speak Chinese at a hotel in her blog American Girl Trapped in a Chinese World. Despite being nervous she tries her best and ends up succeeding! Way to go Spencer! 

Another student, Rebecca, talks about her first few weeks exploring the architecture in Florence! She also talks about her experience navigating the city. In her blog, A Writer’s Travels, she states, “It’s wonderful to feel comfortable walking around the city without fear of getting lost. Although I do still carry a map everywhere I go (who carries maps anymore?!) – once I can start leaving that at the house, I’ll know that Florence has become my true temporary home.” Don’t worry Rebecca, we’d carry a map too! 

Be sure to check out Spencer and Rebecca’s blogs so you can live vicariously through their adventures!


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