Terrific Travels

SU Abroad students have been making great use of their time abroad by exploring many different cities and countries over the past couple of months. Traveling can be both stressful and exciting, and some students have been blogging about their traveling tales.

ImageSarah, an SU Strasbourg student, wrote about her time in Munich attending Oktoberfest. She described the experience: “By the end of the weekend, we had met several wonderful people, drank steins of frothy beer, ate pretzels bigger than our heads, bonded with strangers in the beer gardens and tents, sang German songs and clinked our beer mugs with hundreds of people singing around us, and—maybe most important of all—learned to solve crises in a foreign country despite a complicated series of things going wrong.”

ImageSamantha, an SU Santiago student, talked about her trip hiking in the Cajón del Maipo National Park. She wrote about the 8k hike and the 7-hour snowball fight she and her friends had while on their way to the glaciers: “That night was fabulous, spent sitting around the fire, talking to amazing people from all over the world. As always, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded with some of the most interesting, progressive, fun people. People who love to explore and live in the moment. People with an aura of positive energy, and who thrive in the unfamiliar.”

We are so happy that our students are living in the moment and making the most of their time time abroad!


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