Internship with the Pompidou Group takes SU Strasbourg student to Israel

Julieta Guzman, an SU Strasbourg student, is interning with the Pompidou Group at the Council of Europe this semester. She was invited to accompany the group to Israel for the 10th EXASS Net Meeting in Israel on Drug Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation for Young People. Julieta explained her trip to Israel:

Image“From 15 to 18 October, the Pompidou Group’s EXASS Net, a network of partnerships between stakeholders at frontline level responding to drug problems providing experience and assistance for inter-sectoral cooperation, held its 10th meeting in Israel. The 30 delegates representing 11 different states, the European Union, and the Pompidou Group’s Secretariat participated in the ceremony celebrating the accession of Israel to the Pompidou Group, marking the second non-Council of Europe country, after Morocco, to become a full member.

The program, organized by the Israeli Anti-Drug Authority and presented by members of different services, took delegates to Jerusalem, the Gilboa  Mountains, Haifa, and Ashdod to visit various prevention, rehabilitation, and treatment facilities. These focused especially on youth and women, as well as community based prevention through parent involvement and extracurricular activities for young people. The issue of increased societal segmentation due to recent waves of immigration and the different approaches to youth and drugs were discussed in a multicultural panel presentation. The multiple methods of addressing  the negative effects of drugs and alcohol were presented in a spirit of constructive optimism that puts the well-being of the individual at the center of the attention. The concepts applied are based on the idea that substance-free life is attainable  when the community supports the process of gradual steps towards leading an independent and responsible life.”

Photo: Julieta (second from left) with the Strasbourg members of the Pompidou Group.


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