SU Abroad Announces New Program in Wroclaw, Poland

ImageFall 2014 will mark the launch of a new SU Abroad program, open to students from Syracuse University and other U.S. colleges and universities.

Running in the fall semester only, The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation will offer students a special opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors across disciplines to study the urgent questions of conflict and conflict resolution, while living and studying in the exciting and beautiful city of Wroclaw, Poland (formerly Breslau, Germany)!

Are you interested in working for the UN or a NGO? The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation program is aimed to meet the interests of those eager to learn about history, political science, and the rapidly growing field of peace studies. Core courses will explore the history of East Central Europe; analyze the contemporary situation of women, LGBT people, and workers in Poland through scholarship and first hand research; and address important moral and philosophical questions.

All students will complete an action research project related to their disciplinary interests. Students will also be able to take courses, including foreign languages, at the University of Lower Silesia, the University of Wroclaw, and the University of Economics.

The application deadline for the Fall 2014 program is March 15, 2014. Applications will be available at

Be sure to stop into the SU Abroad office to get more information!


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