Final Moments Abroad

As our students’ time abroad comes to a close so do their many adventures! Many of our bloggers have taken the time to reflect on their final moments abroad. Spencer, a SU Beijing student, talks about the benefits of learning a language while living in a foreign country. She said that even though she had taken Mandarin for a full year before traveling to Beijing the actual experience of living in China helped her language skills so much more. 

Julia, a SU Istanbul student, talked about exploring Istanbul more before heading home. She remarks about finding one of the best views of the city! Julia stated, “The park boasts one of the best views of Istanbul, and it was the first real park we’ve seen here so far. All others have stones bordering grassy patches or trees and paved paths. Here we were really able to wander on dirt paths and through trees.”

We hope that all of our students are enjoying their last days abroad! We look forward to seeing them back on campus and hearing about their adventures in the Spring! 



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