Hyde Park – Change and Ending

Fall ’13 SU London student Clare offered her final thoughts about her semester in London in this, her final guest blog:

When my dad visited me at the beginning of the semester, our meeting point was at Hyde Park Corner. I was still figuring out the basics of the Tube, and switching lines was becoming easier to do. I enjoyed going to that particular Tube stop because it was a different section of the park. I was normally so used to the Kensington Gardens, so seeing the large arch was exciting and new.

When my mom came and visited me, I felt like I knew the Tube like the back of my hand, and that Hyde Park was my backyard.

While we SU students only were abroad for four months, being thrown into a new environment at such a young point in our adult lives shapes us at a fast rate. We may have only been in London for four months, but we learned to navigate the city like true Londoners.

My mom and I had decided to go to the Winder Wonderland, and we went to the Hyde Park corner entrance. Walking through the grass, I felt like I was crossing a field back home, going to a festival or a carnival made for people who lived there rather than tourists. Sure, tourists would be there, but there was something everyone could like.

We went through the Christmas markets, smelling the varieties of food and looking at the crafts in the stalls. The area had a warm glow, despite the cold air that pinched our noses. My mom and I decided to get a pint. She updated me about life back at home in Chicago, and I told her some of my stories. Or, at least, began some of those stories.

And now, as I write this on the flight back to Chicago, I’ll be able to finish those stories.


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