SU Strasbourg Honors Three Long-Time Host Families

STRhostfamiliesHost families are an integral part of the SU Abroad experience in Strasbourg, Madrid, Santiago, and Florence. Some families have taken SU Abroad students into their homes each and every semester for a very long time. This week, staff at SU Strasbourg honored three host families who have been with the SU program for over thirty years.

Madame Borras began hosting students in 1975; Monsieur and Madame Roth in 1981; and Madame Frey in 1980. (Mme Borras and Mr and Mme Roth are pictured above with SU Strasbourg director Raymond Bach and Assistant Director Jean-Maurice Marxer.)

From Dr. Bach:

These families have been “pearls,” as we say in French, showing great devotion to their students semester after semester, year after year. Students sense  immediately that these are families who truly care about them as individuals, and many of them have stayed in touch, some even returning to Strasbourg for visits (often with spouses and children in tow).

During lunch Madame Roth told me why she and her husband decided to host American students. After losing their eldest son at the age of 19 in a tragic swimming accident, they both felt that it was important to welcome other children into their household, and to treat them as they would have their own son. I have no doubt that generations of our students have felt privileged to become honorary members of the Roth family.


One thought on “SU Strasbourg Honors Three Long-Time Host Families

  1. I will forever have the great Madame Frey in my heart, she will always be a second mother to me. Her elaborate and well planned dinners, home-made jams and preserves, bread and even schnapps are things I yearn for to this day. I do hope she is doing well!

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