Language Barriers

It’s the start of a new semester, which means a new group of SU Abroad students are settling into their new homes across the globe! The first few weeks living abroad can be quite a challenge. It can be very difficult becoming accustomed to living in a new and foreign environment. Several SU Abroad students have started blogging about their experiences so far!

Alana, an SU Florence student, writes about meeting her host grandma Grazia and learning how to navigate the confusing streets. She states that “dove,” which means where in Italian, is an essential word for all tourists! Liza, an SU student studying in Copenhagen, writes about her difficulties learning Danish. She writes, “I’ve been trying to mouth Danish words as I walk around the city. Stroget, Nyhavn, my RSA’s names’, and they have all been being whispered under my breath.” 

Good luck to Alana, Liza, and all of our other students as they try to master the local languages! We hope your adventures are off to a great start! 


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