Heather Rounds: An Insider for a Moment

Heather Rounds, an SU student studying in Jordan, writes about her first few weeks abroad. She vividly writes about how she spends her days in a city that is quite different from home. Check out the excerpt below!

Besides just meandering around different areas in Amman, we also look for opportunities to interact with Jordanians. Last night my friends and I had such an opportunity when we wandered into what we thought was a coffee shop. It was a large basement, filled with people from teeny boppers in miniskirts to women dressed in full burkas. A thick fog of hookah smoke had settled in the room and the audience was being serenaded by live music. We soon realized we had crashed a private birthday party. Before we could retreat back outside, we were invited to sit at a table where we quietly munched on salty popcorn and tried to fight the urge to let the loud music reach our bloodstreams. But as time pasted and the people on the dance floor kept gesturing us to join, we soon found ourselves in a circle with women dressed in loud colors and brightly patterned hijabs twirling and shimmying their bodies from wrists to feet in fluid, smooth gestures.

Be sure to read Heather’s full post here!


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