Tina Lin: Guest Blog from Madrid


Tina Lintina lin madrid

Between the sun and the tapas, I find myself fully engulfed by the beauty within Spain. Every cobble-stoned corner is a new surprise. During the past weekend, Syracuse University offered a great opportunity to visit Toledo, a small city filled with influences of Spanish, Judaic, and Muslim culture. We visited the Cathedral of Toledo that displayed rare paintings of El Greco, a unique painter of the Spanish Renaissance. His use of color, texture, and composition to display the vibrancy in life and death interplayed with Toledo’s humble and quiet backdrop.

From the cathedral to the narrow winding streets, the Synagogue of El Transito had a view that could not be beat. Along the pathway from the Cathedral to the Synagogue, you will find small tiles displaying the menorah, a sign that you are walking the same path as the Jews of Toledo had walked centuries ago. From there you enter the Synagogue that is intricately designed with Muslim archways and intricate facades in Hebrew along the walls. Every detail from the wooden panels of the ceiling to the tiles on the floor was thoughtfully and tastefully displayed to illustrate their religious commitment. It was truly a rare and wondrous sight.

Although, the weather was rainy and windy, it was worth the travel to view these structures that are so unique and important. I would advise any visitors to visit the small view across the Synagogue; it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to relive someone else’s life centuries ago for just a moment.


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