Emma Fallone: Masquerade


photo credit: Emma Fallone

Emma Fallone, an SU Florence student, writes about the excitement of Carnivale! Learn more about the festival and her other adventures by reading her full post here!

As the spring weeks pass by ever faster, the time of Easter is drawing closer – and in many Italian (and European) cities, that can only mean one thing: Carnivale! It’s a tradition taken very seriously by the fervently-Catholic Italians, a chance to let loose and have some crazy, silly fun before the strictness of Lent takes over. There are signs of this even in Florence – recently, I’ve been noticing patches of brightly-colored confetti strewn on the cobblestones, on my daily walk to class. My host mom explained to me that during this season, Italian children will be given bags of these little, colorful paper scraps, which they will carry around with them and throw at each other whenever they have the chance, as a way of playing and having fun (instead of a game of tag or follow-the-leader). It really is sweet to watch, and it’s quite nice to stumble across these occasional unexpected bursts of color and merriment, bringing you out of the drudgery of just another walk to school and reminding you how simple it can be to find a bit of lightness and fun within the everyday.


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