Hiking the Mediterranean

ImageOur students are doing incredible things during their time abroad. Emma Fallone, an SU Florence student, spent her weekend hiking the Cinque Terre, a series of tiny towns on the Mediterranean Sea. Read an excerpt from her blog below!


This weekend… Oh, wow — where do I even begin…

This weekend, a group of five friends and I set out to hike the Cinque Terre. They’re a series of five teensy little towns, nestled into the inlets of the Mediterranean coast, between the mountain ranges. There are a series of trails that connect the towns, with a distance of between three and six miles between each, such that it’s possible to hike between them. The experience of hiking from the first town all the way through to the fifth is believed to be a kind of pilgrimage — something that many people set out to do for spiritual renewal or reflection. Ever since I heard about this region, several years ago, I knew that this was something that I wanted to do. Not just travel to the Cinque Terre — but to hike between all five towns. Why, I’m not really sure. Sometimes, there are  things that you just feel you have to do, without quite knowing why — and only after you complete them do you fully understand their importance. So, we packed our backpacks with just the few essentials that we would need for the weekend, laced up our hiking shoes, and caught the first train out on Friday morning.

Be sure to read about the rest of Emma’s amazing trip on her blog!


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