SU Abroad Student Profile- Camila Perez


Syracuse University Abroad encourages its students to make the most of their study abroad program by engaging in activities they would never be able to have in their home country. Students like Camila Perez, who interned for an international Public Relations firm while studying abroad in Hong Kong, show how students can tailor their abroad experience to take full advantage of the programs and resources offered to them. Below, Camila shares her experience interning abroad in Hong Kong last spring and how it impacted her study abroad experience.

Name: Camila Perez

Major: Marketing Management

School: Whitman School of Management

Project/Internship: Intern at Edelman Hong Kong (Spring 2014)

Description: Participated in a 5-week long internship at Edelman Hong Kong, a global office of the American Public Relations company called Edelman. She was assigned to the Digital Team at Edelman HK to learn the ins and outs of digital strategy and social media marketing. Her main role was to manage the Facebook and Twitter pages of a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company. This included thinking of creative and engaging social media posts, communicating and collaborating with the company’s graphic designer about the posts, and then scheduling these posts twice a day. What made this experience different was the opportunity to interact with locals outside of a school environment, and practice a full time job, hours 9 AM – 6 PM, in a different country. She emphasizes, “It was, without a doubt, one of the most shaping experiences of my time abroad in Hong Kong.”

For more information about Camila’s internship with Edelman, visit her blog!



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