Fall 2014 SU Strasbourg Students at the Council of Europe

coesmallEvery semester, students can apply for internships at the Council of Europe through Syracuse University’s Strasbourg program. Selected students are able to gain valuable experience working in the Council of Europe in a variety of different positions: from video editing to research on specific issues. Below, students currently working at the Council of Europe outline their day- to-day activities of the Council and their semester-long projects.

Carly M.
Duke University

I have been placed in the Directorate of Communications, and my supervisor is Alun Drake, Council of Europe Spokesperson and Press Division. Here’s what I will be working on:

  • Helping Head of Division with quality control and editing of Web TV content
  • Helping with the production of the weekly “Journal” TV programme
  • Researching potential production partners and film schools in Europe
  • Researching video content
  •  English transcription of key video content

Mary S.
Kenyon College

I am working with Thomas Kattau in the Pompidou Group. The Pompidou Group works on illicit drug policies and harm reduction policies and rehabilitation programs, among other issues, within Europe and on the international scale. This semester, I have attended several conferences in both Strasbourg and Paris and worked on the documenting reports. I am working on designing the Pompidou Group’s presentation on cultural differences in Therapeutic Communities in Eastern and Western Europe for the 16th International Conference on Addiction in Cancún, Mexico.

Nathaniel E.
Syracuse University

I am working under Sophie Kwasny in the Data Protection Unit, Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law. My primary task includes researching the market for personal data collected by online advertising companies and data brokerage firms. I am writing a research paper on my findings and will include the privacy implications of the ad tech / data brokerage industry as well as my recommendations to the Council.

Alexa S.
Cornell University

I was placed in the Division for Private and Public Law Development with Simon Tonelli as my supervisor. The main task I have been given is to create a compilation of international rules and standards regarding the administrative detention of migrants. To do this, I have been researching such rules and standards that were mentioned in a feasibility study on the topic, and narrowing down which sources will be used in the compilation to only those documents, which relate strictly to administrative detention.

Cassie C.
Syracuse University

For my internship I am working with Lilja Gretarsdottir, in the Directorate for Human Rights. Lilja is the senior advisor for migration issues. My semester-long research topic is researching illegal smuggling and migration through the Mediterranean Sea, predominantly to Italy. It is my job to understand the history of this problem and the legislation discussing it, and to keep track and understand what is happening related to this problem throughout the semester, whether it be through the Council of Europe, other IGOs, or National Governments.

Interested in going to Strasbourg and landing an internship at the Council of Europe? Apply to the SU Strasbourg Fall 2015 program – the deadline is March 15, 2015!


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