SU Student Spotlight: Samantha Ho

Study abroad blogs have become a popular way for students to document their journey  as they traverse through the new cultures and landscapes that color their study abroad experience. Samantha Ho is currently studying abroad at the SU Center in Beijing, China and has taken to blogging to curate her photos and thoughts on her travels through China’s diverse provinces.

On her Signature Seminar experience, Samantha writes:

“In just two weeks and with seven other wanderlust-filled students, I embarked on an amazing, jam-packed Signature Seminar with the SU Abroad program. Traveling around Southern China, we started in the Yunnan Province. Truly a testament to the “colorful” reputation that Yunnan holds, it is impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the biodiversity and amazing culture that surrounds you in this more rural area. Blue skies, colorful mountains, and no sign of smog or crowded urban life greet you at the entrance to the airport.”

Read more on Samantha’s blog here.



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