SU Abroad Alumni Win Outstanding Delegation at National Model United Nations Conference


Representatives from Syracuse University Maxwell School of Public Affairs, including several SU Abroad alumni represented the Republic of Chile at the National Model United Nations conference hosted in Washington, D.C. October 31 – November 2.

After spending the summer and early fall preparing position papers and learning the rules of procedure for the conference, the delegates skillfully and diplomatically negotiated with other delegates in the conference in their portrayal of the Republic of Chile. Their preparation and diplomatic resolutions at the conference earned them the title of Outstanding Delegation.

SU Abroad alumni represented over half of the delegates for the Republic of Chile, three of whom (Pamela Davis, Michael Getto, and Meghan Schneider) studied at SU’s center in Santiago. The alumni were able to leverage their understanding of the Republic of Chile having studied abroad there and having experienced on a first-hand basis the culture, politics, and overall nuances of the country. Alumni of the SU Istanbul and Hong Kong programs (Ivan Shivkov and Nava Auza) also participated in the national conference.

Congratulations to our outstanding SU Abroad alumni and the rest of their delegation!


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