Farewell to Jean-Maurice at SU Strasbourg: Share Your Memories!

Credit BridgetHughes1After more than 30 years at SU Strasbourg, Assistant Director Jean-Maurice Marxer will retire next month. Hired in 1981 to teach German, Jean-Maurice soon began teaching French as well, and then became the center’s Language Program Coordinator. As Assistant Director for more than 25 years, Jean-Maurice has been the chief liaison with three of our partner institutions – the IIEF (Institut International d’Etudes Françaises), the Université de Strasbourg, and the IEP (Institut d’Etudes Politiques), and has helped many students through the often difficult process of navigating the complexities of these institutions.

He has also been responsible for leading some of SU Strasbourg’s local field trips in the Alsace Region and over the border into Germany. One of his favorite trips has always been to Heidelberg, since it was there that he was a student of German literature. Jean-Maurice frequently accompanied Signature Seminars, often taking sick students for medical care, or accompanying students back to Strasbourg when they encountered visa issues at the borders. His calm and reassuring presence has been greatly appreciated by staff and thousands of students during their time abroad, and he will be greatly missed.

We are collecting well wishes, memories, and tributes from alumni to be compiled into a book that will be sent to Strasbourg in time for Jean-Maurice’s retirement party in Strasbourg on December 19. If you want to share a message or photo, please send an email to suabroad@syr.edu.


One thought on “Farewell to Jean-Maurice at SU Strasbourg: Share Your Memories!

  1. I was a summer student for five years, almost 30 years ago. I have great memories of the experience under Jean-Maurice. I’m probably late in sending this but if you can please pass it on to him – with a note that I’ll like to get in touch with him.

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