Student Spotlight: Amanda Kwong


Studying abroad at one of SU’s World Partner programs, The Danish Institute for Study Abroad, has given SU student Amanda Kwong a new vocabulary and a new Danish (host) family. She’s checked in with us to give an update on how she’s doing so far:

I’m currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark through the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS.) Not only does DIS offer a comprehensive and thorough positive psychology program which I’m loving, but, they also offer a wide variety of living options including homestays and various dorms including living with Danes to living with fellow Americans. I chose to live with a host family 15 minutes south of Copenhagen in a town called Hvidovre (to successfully pronounce, drop the “H” and put your tongue on the back of your back teeth and say “Vuh-lor!) The Høglund family consists of Dorte (Mom), Jan (Dad) and 14-year-old daughter (Kit.) From the moment I stepped into my new home I felt completely comfortable and a member of the family. We all have a lot of fun together whether going on walks or cooking dinner. I’m half Chinese and I decided to make dinner for Chinese Year. I enjoyed the familiarity of the recipes and they enjoyed being exposed to new foods, which ended up turning into a really fun night! I really enjoy living in a homestay because of how open they are to having my friends over for dinner and for going the extra mile to teach me about the Danish culture. I’ve found it interesting in that whether I’m away on spring break in Greece or on a weekend trip to Berlin, I catch myself missing them. Coming back to 78 Tavlekaersvej is home and home is hygge. Hygge is something that can’t be translated but can be felt. It’s the laughs my host family and I share when I “attempt” to speak Danish. It’s the smiles we exchange to each other when we finish a delicious dinner. Hygge is my host family.

Amanda Kwong

Psychology and Marketing Majors

Syracuse University 2016


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