Sustainability Studies in Florence

Ortolani3Syracuse University Abroad’s Florence Center now offers a cluster of courses in sustainability studies.

Students studying at SU Florence will have the opportunity to learn about the challenges of sustainability through a European perspective. Courses highlight ecological thought, historical and current understanding around the world about sustainability in the global business context, and the study of environmental issues.

For the first time in Spring 2016, SU Florence will also offer a sustainability-focused Signature Seminar. Eco-City Europe: New Lifestyles for Old Cities visits several European cities where the changing transportation, food supply, waste cycle, and energy balance demonstrates an alternative urbanism.

Courses offered in the sustainability cluster include:

  • ARC 500.2/GEO 400.2 Sustainable Urbanism in Europe (3 credits)
  • ARC 500.3/GEO 300.3 Eco-City Europe: New Lifestyles for Old Cities (3 credits; Signature Seminar, spring only)
  • EAR 100 Introduction to Geology (3 credits, fall only)
  • EEE 450 Sustainable Enterprise (3 credits, fall only)
  • GEO 380 Environment and Development (3 credits, spring only)
  • IPA 470 Experience Credits: Community Internships (1-3 credits)
  • NSD 452 Mediterranean Food and Culture: A Florence Experience (3 credits)

Students will also have the opportunity to work alongside local students and community members in SU Florence’s Edible Garden project. The garden has been a great success at the center since its inception, used to grow herbs and leaf vegetables and for teaching organic gardening and composting.

For questions regarding the program, contact SU Florence admissions counselor Gael Noyes at or (315) 443- 0252.


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