Student Spotlight: Zachary Kahn


As students are wrapping up their abroad semester they are rushing to drink in the last few  experiences they can before returning home. They are also starting to reflect on the experiences they have already had and writing their final posts in their online journals and blogs.

To reflect on his experience studying intercultural communication in London, Zachary Kahn has come up with 10 tips for studying abroad as a way to impart the knowledge and experience he has gained this semester to others still abroad or going abroad soon.

Excerpts from his tips, which he has posted on his blog via youtube videos are as follows:

1. Be Open-Minded

2. Try New Things

3. Download City Mapper and Foursquare Apps (for expert    exploring)

4. Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket (so it doesn’t get stolen)

5. Book Your Travel Plans and Accommodations in Advance

To see the rest of Zachary’s study abroad tips or to read his weekly blog posts from the past semester please visit his blog here.


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