More Congratulations to Gilman Winners!

Once again, we’re offering our congratulations to Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship winners from SU Abroad – this time, these are Fall 2015 students. The total amount awarded to SU students was $46,000. And of the 31 applicants, 11 were accepted – a success rate of over 1 in 3! Congratulations go to our 11 winners and 3 alternates!

Rashell Lisowski, SU Istanbul: $4,000
Sandup Sherpa, SU Hong Kong: $5,000
Thalia Matos, SU Istanbul: $4,500
Tinischa Lahens, SU Beijing: $3,500
Saphyir Moody, SU Hong Kong: $3,500
Karen Castro, SU World Partner (Brazil): $4,000
Emily Dang, SU Hong Kong: $4,500
Victoria Kim, SU World Partner (Korea): $4,000
Ashley Narvaez, SU Hong Kong: $4,000
Alycia Maurer, SU Beijing: $5,000
Michael Dishy, SU Hong Kong: $4,000

Chaz Delgado, SU Madrid
Losa Meru, SU Madrid
Tatiana Aviles, SU World Partner (Brazil)


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