Spring 2016 Gilman Winners!

Once again, we’re offering our congratulations to Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship winners from SU Abroad. The total award amount to SU students was $43,000! These are Spring 2016 recipients. Congratulations go to our 10 winners and 1 alternate! The next Gilman deadline is March 1, 2016 for summer and fall 2016.

Gabriel Acosta-Mitchell, SU Beijing: $5,000
Yajayra Cerrato, SU Santiago: $4,000
Patrick Cummings, SU World Partner (Ireland): $3,000
Sampson George, SU Hong Kong: $5,000
Daisia Glover, SU Santiago: $4,000
Lisa Guan, SU Hong Kong: $8,000
Ayoyinka Olusoga, SU World Partner (Australia): $3,500
Sarah Stoeber, SU Madrid: $3,000
Nicholas Townsend, SU Santiago: $3,500
Qirong Zheng, SU Hong Kong: $4,000

Christine Valenzula, SU Santiago


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