Thinking about studying abroad in Ireland?

UCDWe received this amazing summary from Kathryn Wilson, a sophomore biomedical engineering student at SU. She went to one of our most popular World Partner programs, University College Dublin, and had this to say about her time there:

My time at UCD has been an amazing and unique experience. I feel like a part of the UCD community, even only being here a few months. It’s amazing how immersed I am in UCD as well as the Irish culture. It’s so easy to jump right into activities, traveling, and meeting new people from the minute you set foot on campus. Of course, going to class is also part of that, but the style of classes here allows you to indulge in all the fun while still keeping up with the workload. If I were to give one piece of advice to incoming students, it would be to take advantage of every minute during your time at UCD because the time goes by so fast and there is so much I have run out of time to do. I have learned so much not only about engineering but about the world and other cultures. I wouldn’t have gained that insight and knowledge without living and learning in a new country. I now consider UCD and Ireland a second home and am excited for the time I get to return.

 Read Katey’s travel blog during her semester abroad at


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