Student Spotlight: Matthew VanDemark

MatthewVanDemarkMatthew VanDemark ’17 went to SU Strasbourg in Spring 2015, the spring semester of his sophomore year at Syracuse University. He enrolled in the music program, a partnership between the SU Strasbourg Center and the Strasbourg Conservatory. He’s a Music Industry with Performance Honors student with minors in Music History and Culture and Business Marketing.

1. What was your most memorable experience while studying abroad?

My most memorable experiences were being with my host family; they were completely awesome and a delight to live with, and also traveling all around Europe. I especially loved my trip to London at the Harry Potter Studios! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and that was a dream come true seeing the original recording studios.

2. How would you rate the courses you took in Strasbourg?

The instructors were highly knowledgeable on their subjects. They were pleasant people to work with. Our French professor was amazing at teaching us the French we needed to know for surviving in France.

3. What was your favorite part of the city?

Strasbourg is a gorgeous city with so much happening. From the food to the university to the sites and the shopping, the possibilities to the city are literally endless. You will never be bored in this beautiful city.

4. What advice would you like to give for students who are preparing to study abroad?

Keep track of your finances. I was blessed to have a supportive financial aid office help fund my trip otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford going abroad at all. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR FINANCES. Traveling and accommodations are the most expensive part of your trip. Make sure to save your money well in advance too for things like airport fees and luggage.

If you want to spend a semester in Strasbourg and explore the city, start your application here! Have questions? Let us know!


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