Highlighting Student Experiences: Spring 2016 in Blogs!

Photo credit SU Florence alumna Mika Gross

Photo credit SU Florence alumna Mika Gross

As usual, we have some fantastic student bloggers abroad this semester. They’re sending snaps, taking pictures, and writing down all of the amazing things they’re experiencing during their semesters away from their home campuses. We wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the best of our Spring 2016 abroad blogs:

Morgan is an SU junior who is abroad in Florence. Like any great blog from Florence, hers will make you long for pasta and gelato, and marvel at the gorgeous Italian cities she’s exploring. Check out Morgan Travels Abroad if you’re considering a semester in Florence!

Jillian is a visiting student from the University of Dayton who’s spending a semester at our center in Strasbourg, France. She has the cutest story up on her blog right now – her mom also studied abroad in Strasbourg, and when she went over to visit Jillian, she was able to re-connect with her host parents from 30 years ago! Check out Flyer in France for the full story and a look at life in Alsace.

Miranda is in Istanbul, on her second semester abroad (she went to Hong Kong for a semester last year!). She’s exploring that gorgeous city and more of Turkey, while reflecting on what it means to travel and to spend a semester (or more) out of your comfort zone. Check out As Miranda Sees it!


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