SU Beijing Student Gives Speech at 35th Anniversary of China Daily Newspaper

IMG_0910SU Beijing student Phoebe Sudargo is interning at Earlier this week, she was invited to give a speech at the 35th anniversary of the newspaper China Daily.

About 30 international commentators and experts shared their stories, thoughts and suggestions about China at a seminar in Beijing organized by the paper.

Themed “My China Story,” the event sought to solicit suggestions for telling China’s story to an overseas audience. You can read more at the China Daily website.

Phoebe is just one of many SU Beijing students who chose to take advantage of their time abroad by taking part in an internship. If you’re interested in spending a semester in Beijing, applications are now open for Spring and Fall 2017. All students enrolling in the program will receive a $1000 grant.


Millennials in China: Ask Your Questions About Beijing!

morefoodWhat is it really like to live, study, and work in Beijing? Hear from students, recent grads, and faculty about life in the world’s newest superpower. Take part in a discussion with our panel and bring your questions!

All topics explored!

  • Beijing’s thriving social scene
  • Air pollution
  • Internet restrictions
  • Language barriers

Panelists include:
Samantha Ho – SU Beijing alum and S.I. Newhouse School of Communications junior
Norman Kutcher – Professor of Chinese history and long-time Beijing resident
And more!

Friday, March 20
12:00 – 1:30 p.m.
Hall of Languages 500
Refreshments will be served

Sponsored by SU Abroad & Work In Asia
Questions? Call Mary Fedorko 315-443-9424

Fall 2014 SU Beijing Students are in a “Beijing State of Mind”

Check out this very cool video from Samantha Ho and her fellow Fall ’14 Beijing students, who wrote and recorded this song about their time in Beijing, featuring all they loved about the program and the city.

SU Student Spotlight: Samantha Ho

Study abroad blogs have become a popular way for students to document their journey  as they traverse through the new cultures and landscapes that color their study abroad experience. Samantha Ho is currently studying abroad at the SU Center in Beijing, China and has taken to blogging to curate her photos and thoughts on her travels through China’s diverse provinces.

On her Signature Seminar experience, Samantha writes:

“In just two weeks and with seven other wanderlust-filled students, I embarked on an amazing, jam-packed Signature Seminar with the SU Abroad program. Traveling around Southern China, we started in the Yunnan Province. Truly a testament to the “colorful” reputation that Yunnan holds, it is impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the biodiversity and amazing culture that surrounds you in this more rural area. Blue skies, colorful mountains, and no sign of smog or crowded urban life greet you at the entrance to the airport.”

Read more on Samantha’s blog here.